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    Viathon bikes are purpose-built for their jobs. But all bikes also share features and design language, for good reason.

    Purpose-Driven Design

    Viathon crafts bikes for simplicity and ride quality excellence. We do not chase every new passing standard and technological gizmo, but instead focus on creating frames that are strong, rugged, durable, and masterfully built. Every feature that’s on every one of our bikes is there for a reason. If it’s not there, it wouldn’t improve your ride.

    Oversize Bottom Bracket

    The bottom bracket region of every Viathon is oversized and reinforced with extra carbon. The benefit is increased stiffness and pedaling efficiency without adding unnecessary weight to the frame. Where it makes sense, we also use threaded bottom brackets for durability and ease of service.

    Drop Seat Stays

    The seat stays on R.1 and G.1 bikes are angled to meet the seat tube well below the top tube, a design that adds cushion to the ride by allowing the frame to flex vertically. Chain stays are also slender and carefully shaped according to the frame’s intent, thin and lightweight on the road models and lean and flattened for off-road compliance.

    Internal Cable Routings

    Our bikes have all cables run internally to guard against contamination from the elements and require less maintenance. The design also allows for electronic or mechanical drivetrains, as well as dropper posts on the mountain side. A removable port door on the underside of the R.1 bottom bracket allows simple access to electronics and cabling. As a bonus, the routings preserve the bikes’ clean aesthetics.

    Asymmetric Design

    The chain stays on every Viathon are uniquely shaped to accommodate the different forces generated on each side of the bike and maximize both pedaling efficiency and ride quality. On the G.1, the dramatically lowered drive-side chain stay also provides increased tire clearance with the flexibility to run either a single- or double-chainring drivetrain.

    Maximum Utility

    All Viathon frames are equipped with braze-ons and mounts to accommodate accessories. Each bike gets the maximum water bottle cage bosses possible, and G.1 frames are also equipped with fender and rack eyelets for utility.