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    Road Performance | R.1

    Viathon R.1 Road

    This bike is among the world’s lightest, even with a full complement of modern features including disc brakes and internal cables routings. Less weight means getting there quicker, after all. With custom-tuned carbon and geometry, every R.1 feels equally solid and responsive, no matter what your size or riding style. And thanks to a generation of building experience and relationships in the carbon manufacturing industry, we’ve done it all at a fraction of our competitor’s cost.

    The R.1 is the speed machine you’ve always dreamt of owning. At this price, you can.

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    Mountain | M.1

    Viathon M.1 Mountain

    Feathery and supercharged, the M.1 is fast enough for any dirt track. But forget the idea that front-suspension bikes are only for racing. With well-rounded geometry, a 120mm fork, dropper post compatibility, and clearance for 2.4-inch tires that won’t let go, this bike is as capable as it is blazing. And with the efficiencies and expertise amassed over a generation of building premium carbon fiber frames, our team is able to pull all this off at a cost less than you’d expect.

    The M.1. You’ve always wanted to master singletrack. Now you can.

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